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Printed balloons 12''30cm with MERRY CHRISTMAS  and the Greek wishe ΚΑΛΑ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΥΓΕΝΝΑ


This product is available in bag of 6 balloons 12''.


The latex balloons, in this collection are 100% ecological.


Colors and other ingredients of balloons are without nitrosamines according to the latest standards of international regulations.


Ask to see our quality certificates.


The latex 12'' balloon can be inflated by helium or by air.


To inflate the balloons with air we  use a simple balloon pump ,or an electric one,it's not recomended to inflate by the mouth and  we decorate them as we want.


If you inflate with helium the 12'' latex balloons ,will hover around 24-30 hours. If we want our balloons to fly for much longer(1-3 weeks) ,we should use HI Float. They need 0,028 m3 of helium. The lifting capacity of them is 16 gr.


When we want to let the ballons free  in the air we should take care of them to be only latex and we have to cut short the ribbons to minimize the risk of being wrapped in power cords.

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