Promo Latex Balloons

Promo Latex Balloons

Our balloons are made of 100% natural biodegradable latex without nitrosamine, made in Europe.

Ability to print up to 4sides 1color, 2colors, or 3colors.

They attract attention, decorate, fill with joy!

Everyone wants to get a balloon and naturally cares to not break and to not lose it. In no case did not throw it like throwing all of us the more flyers that are given to us.

It's amazing how fast can travel an inflated balloon advertising, whether in a short time, how many thousands of eyes will see it and how little it will cost...

Ask us for an offer!

We will be happy to give you any information about our printed balloons!

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LATEX 12'' ΔΙΑΦΗΜΙΣΤΙΚΑ (2000 - 2999)

Latex balloons 100% biodegratable, printed with logo. We can print 1,2,3,4,5 sides. Shapes availab..